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Japan Probe Co, Ltd developed and sold broad band high frequency probe of ultrasonic inspection for small area2014/08/20

Japan Probe Co, Ltd has developed the small and thin ultrasonic probe for angle beam testing, straight beam testing.
We have added the requirement of customer for ultra miniature probes and broad band high frequency probe up to 10/20 MHz

■Specification                    ■Characteristic
・frequency :10/20MHz              ・ultra miniature
・element material:composite           ・broad band and high frequency
・element size: Φ1.0mm              ・high S/N ratio
・type : immersion method              ・angle beam probe, straight beam probe, customized probe

・near zone to welded part
・thin ring groove
・bar, pipes
・inspection and measurement for small area

Japan Probe Co, Ltd will meet the customer requirement for special various probes any application and will produce and sell for any requirement, please contact to us, we are waiting for your requirement.