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Developed and launched a Ultrasonic New Pulser & Receiver “JPR-50SD”.2023/01/16

Japan Probe Co.,Ltd. developed and launched the Ultrasonic Mew Pulser & Receiver “JPR-50SD”.

The "JPR-50SD" was newly added to our lineup as High frequency Ultrasonic Pulser & Receiver, which features compact, high-performance and low-cost.
The "JPR-50SD" is more suitable for our Ultrasonic Soft transducer "JUTAN", Flexible transducer "TAKOTAN" or Immersion transducer. Furthermore, by using 'the multi-record capturing' function, it can also be used as a high-speed scanner for immersion inspection equipment. Please feel free to contact us for your requirement.

We appreciate your continued support for our Ultrasonic Pulser & Receiver "JPR series" lineup.

<Feature of JPR-50SD>
・High frequency type
・Frequency: 1MHz ~ 25MHz
・Pulse voltage: 10 ~ 300V
・Pulse type: Square pulse wave (adjustable pulse width)/Spike pulse wave
・Low noise pre-amplifier adapted
・Multi-record capturing function available with expanded optional memory
・DC power operation (included AC adaptor)
・Controlled by PC via USB

<Application example>
・Ultrasonic flaw detection, Sound velocity calculation, Attenuation measurement, thickness measurement, etc
・High-speed scanners

※Please click here for various consultations and inquiries about this product.

Appearance of JPR-50SD