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Renwal of More Thinly, More Flexible, Broadban High-sensitive Ultrasonic Flexible Linear Array Probe, 「KYOKUTAN」2016/12/12

JAPAN PROBE offering the ultrasonic testing and measurement solutions renewed the broadband high-sensitive ultrasonic flexible linear array probe, 「KYOKUTAN」 which's sold for more than 4 years.

The broadband high-sensitive ultrasonic flexible linear array probe, KYOKUTAN, developmed by JAPAN PROBE is composed of the flexible composite element, matching layer, and damping material. KYOKUTAN is well received by customers and it also realized the following things;
1) It enables you to have an ultrasonic testing at the various types of objects such as the flat, curved and rough surface.
2) It enables you to inspect the complex form of object and realizes the high performance.
3) It enables you to inspect any defect, near field defect and CFRP or GFRP which's the high-attenuation, and alluminum alloy for diecastings and welding zone right under the surface of an object because it realizes the broadband high-sensitive ultrasonic testing

・Renewal View of「KYOKUTAN」
KYOKUTAN's renewal realized the performance as shown below.
1) It realized the slimness by the new development of damping material, it's becomes slim half as much as the existing KYOKUTAN, and it enables you to inspect in the narrow zone. Using the materials absorbing back echo increasing by slimness maintains the existing damping capacity.
2) Slimness makes it more flexible, and respond to smaller-curvature objects. Existing KYOKUTAN's been applied for a curvature of 20~30 mm, but now, it can be applied for a curvature of 5 mm.

・Use for「KYOKUTAN」
KYOKUTAN could apply to the wing of aircraft and helicopter's rotor, and it's also under review by aerospace company. Besides, it's appying to test any clotting on your carotid arteries or breast cancer in the medical field. It's expected to apply to the various fields such as aerospace engineering, automobiles, road and road bridge or medical field.

・Launch of「KYOKUTAN」's Renewal Version
JAPAN PROBE starts selling「KYOKUTAN」's renewal version from Dec. 23, 2016.

For further information about「KYOKUTAN」or inquiry about sample test, please click here

・Broadband = Frequency band is wide and it enables you to reduce the wave number.
・High-sensitivity = the ultrasonic receiving signals're strong and it needs the high-sensitivity for high damping materials.
・Array Probe = Ultrasonic transducers composed of multi-elements, Each of which can be pulsed independently. It enables you to inspect smoothly and rapidly by varying the timing or making the pulse from each transducer progressively.