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Added new lineup to the flexible probe/transducer "TAKOTAN" series2020/12/01

We have achieved in downsizing the flexible probe/transducer "TAKOTAN", and a new model with element size Φ5mm has been added to its lineup. After hearing various requests from our customers, we have been able to improve the performance.

The following has been achieved by the new model (with element size Φ5mm).
1)Stable inspection and measurement by closely fitting on an object with a 3D surface and narrow space.
2)Inspection and measurement near the surface.

・Type : Single or dual element straight beam
・Frequency : 2MHz / 5MHz / 10MHz
・Element size : Φ5mm
・Connector : LEMO(S) / G51 / C25

You can inquire about "TAKOTAN" and apply for sample test from here.