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Corner of Air plane wing (CFRP)

We introduce the inspection that inspects a corner part of air plane wing (made of CFRP) by ultrasonic array probe/transducer that being possible for bending.

The case material of the conventional ultrasonic array probe (shown in Fig.1) is made of stainless steel or aluminum and it is hard, so it doesn't fit to inspection part.
this is the reason that it was difficult to inspect by the conventional array probe/transducer.

Fig.2 shows the outside appearance of Broad band High sensitive Flexible Array Probe/Transducer "KYOKUTAN".
"KYOKUTAN" is bendable and flexible array probe. It fits to any corner part of miniature surface and uneven surface. Any inspection is possible.

Fig.3 shows the application of "KYOKUTAN". For example, maintenance inspection situation of the air plane wing (made of CFRP) for corner part and helicopter (shuttlecock).

Broad band high sensitive Flexible Array Probe (BFAP) "KYOKUTAN" is realized broad band and high sensitive inspection. As the result, the inspection of subsurface defect, adjacent defect, high attenuated material such as CFRP, GFRP (grass fiber reinforced plastic) aluminum die cast and welded part is possible by "KYOKUTAN".