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Air plane wing & body (CFRP)

We introduce the technology of non contact air coupled ultrasonic testing (NAUT) for airplane wing and body of CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastic) instead of conventional immersion test.

The conventional method for inspection of CFRP is immersion test.
if there is a defect in CFRP, CFRP includes water, and air plane in high altitude of very low temperature, water became ice, there is the possibility that the crack is expanded.
NAUT is possible to ultrasonic inspection and measurement without couplant.

Fig.1 and Fig.2 show examples of distribution of transmission waves by the Air coupled ultrasonic that detected the impact delamination and simulated circle defects of delamination. they show that transmission waves decrease in delaminated part.

You can watch the movie about the NAUT21 system and a inspection situation of CFRP by NAUT21.