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ultrasonic soft probe is possilbe for eneven surface of selded bead and endurance of soft probe2003/09/01

We have developed the ultrasonic soft probes to inspect the uneven surface such as welded bead.

Detection surface of soft probe is soft and fits to uneven surface, steady detection and measurement are possible.
For the thin curvature surface, high sensitive detection and measurement are possible.

From the standpoint of structure, the element is soft so please refrain the excessive weight or force causing destruction of joint part to make short life of probe. The load to the probe is about 0.3~0.5Kgf, in this case the soft probe endurance shows the following of Fig.1

Endurance test result is shown in Fig.2、ultrasonic reflection wave height seems to be same of 50,000 times、100,000 times. Soft probe endurance shows well.