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Broadband Flexible Array Probe ”BFAP (KYOKUTAN)”2014/05/01

Flexible fitting to any curved surface!Bending!Broadband & High sensitive!
Ultrasonic array probe/transducer 「BFAP (KYOKUTAN)」is available for inspection and measurement to any shape specimen.

It is possible to inspect & measure to any curvature being difficult inspection such as 「curved part」「gap part」「uneven part」.

Broadband flexible array probe/transducer「BFAP (KYOKUTAN)」is the achieving ultrasonic broadband frequency range and high sensitive inspection. As the result、it is available for inspection to subsurface defect、adjacent defect and high ultrasonic attenuated material such as carbon fiber reinforced plastic(CFRP),glass fiber reinforced plastic(GFRP),aluminum die casting、welded part.

According to Fig.2,the developed type「BFAP (KYOKUTAN)」is decreasing to 1/4 wave number in comparison of wave pattern 、resolution is developed.

Fig.3 shows comparison of ultrasonic frequency range、frequency range of developed type「BFAP (KYOKUTAN)」119% is 2.8 times wider than conventional type in comparison frequency range、「BFAP (KYOKUTAN)」is wider type probe/transducer.

Fig.4 shows polystyrene test block having 0.1mm pitch of Φ1mm .According to Fig.5, the developed type「BFAP (KYOKUTAN)」is better than conventional type in resolution.「BFAP (KYOKUTAN)」 is widely applied for aerospace, automobile, home appliance, plant, road, bridge, medical appliance and other various fields and 「BFAP (KYOKUTAN)」 is widely expected.