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Paper presntation: Development and Applicatio of Miniature High Sensitive Air Probe2014/05/26

A chief engineer of Japan Probe Co., Ltd:Masakazu Takahash(see picture) presnted(Development and Application of Miniature High Sensitive Air Probe) at Automobile technical spring conference on May 23 Friday.the site is Pacifico Hokohama、the session is new technology for advanced measurements and diagnostics Ⅰ basic measurement。

●The paper content is the following、
Non destructive inspection of lithium ion battery、solar battery panel carbon fiber reinforced plastic(CFRP) is conduced with non contact air coupled ultrasonic inspection (NAUT),but NAUT is usually transmission wave method、two probes are arranged both sides of test specimen. This time we have developed one side access of V transmission method for placinn two probes V arrangement to get transmission wave、No limitatin of placing probe for back side, so application is greatly expanded、

Dimension and shape of conventional air probe causes the inerference between two probes: one side access V tansmissio method. Therefore we have developed 800KHz miniature high sensitive air probe. The element size is 5mm wide×7mm long in considering angle incident. The result is following
1)Miniature probe is enough sensitive.(See Fig.1)
2)Theoretical and experimental sound field and beam with are in good agreement.(Fig.2)
3)Good reflected bottom echo is obtaind in accordance with thickness of acrylic resin specimen by one side access V tansmission method . As result the clear image pattern picture of bottom surface is abtained(Fig 3,4)