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The World's First 3-Flexible Matrix Array Probe,「TAKOTAN」Development fitting flexibly to 3-dimensional Object 2017/02/01

JAPAN PROBE offering the ultrasonic testing and measurement solutions is selling the very flexible「JUTAN」and the flexible linear array probe,「KYOKUTAN」realized the ultrasonic testing in the various fields, and is well received by customers.

「JUTAN」 composed of flexible single element enables you to display to replace the measurement results by points with the waveform. Flexible Linear Array Probe,「KYOKUTAN」 composed of flexible multi-elements enables you to display to replace the measurement results by lines with the image for a section. The flexible matrix array probe,「TAKOTAN」 is composed of 3 layers ; flexible composite material, matching layer and damping material, and it enables you to detect or measure the defects to stick to the 3-dimensional curved surface like octopus.

TAKOTAN realized the following things.
1) It enables you to inspect the flat, curved, rough surface, even and 3-dimensional surface of objects.
2) It enables you to display to replace the measurement result with the waveform, flatted image and image for a section.
3)「TAKOTAN」realizes the high cost performance and the inspection for the various types of objects.

Use for「TAKOTAN」
TAKOTAN's application is under review in the inspection field of automobile's body, components, aircraft.
And it's expected to test clotting on your carotid arteries, breast cancer or heel and knee in the medical field.
Besides, it's applicable for the various field such as aerospace, automobile, power and chemical plant, road and road bridge even and medical field.

・Launch of 「TAKOTAN」
JAPAN PROBE starts selling the Flexible Matrix Array Probe,「TAKOTAN」 fitting to the 3-dimensional curved surface from Feb. 1, 2017.

Inquiry about「TAKOTAN」, please click here

Probe Name:Flexible Matrix Array Probe「TAKOTAN」
Fits for his application ; 5~10 MHz at frequency, 16~64 CH at channel number
Selling Price:800,000 Japanese yen for 64 CH (Applicable Taxes)

・「KYOKUTAN」was published on page 9 of the Jan. 23 issue of NIKKAN KOGYO SHIMBUN, LTD.

1) Soft Probe ; Back surface of probe is composed of the soft materials, It realizes the detection with the direct contact without grinding the inspection area because it's fitting in the rough surface.
2) Flexible Linear Array Probe ; Flexible and Drooping Array Probe
Ultrasonic transducers composed of multi-elements, Each of which can be pulsed independently. It enables you to inspect smoothly and rapidly by varying the timing or making the pulse from each transducer progressively.
3) Composite Element ; Flexible element filling the resins to cut a groove in ceramic element.
4) Matching Layer ; Layer for transmitting and receiving the ultrasonic signals smoothly
5) Damping Material ; Material absorbing the ultrasonic signals transmitted in order to make it wide band