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Presented a paper at Non-destructive Evaluation Symposium of Ultrasound.
We have updated our product catalogues including new catalogue.
2023/08/04Exhibition Information
Japan Probe presented new product “KANTAN” and other key products at 11th Non-Destructive Evolution Japan.
2023/06/05Exhibition Information
Japan Probe presented “Non-Contact Air Coupled Ultrasonic Testing system NAUT21-S and soft & flexible Ultrasonic transducers at “Automotive Engineering Exposition 2023 YOKOHAMA”.
A poster was exhibited at the 2023 Spring Conference of the Acoustical Society of Japan.
Presented a paper at Non-destructive Evaluation Symposium of Ultrasound.
2023/01/16New products
Developed and launched a Ultrasonic New Pulser & Receiver “JPR-50SD”.
Presented a paper at the 2022 Autumn Special Lecture of JSNDI (The Japanese Society for Non-Destructive Inspection)
2022/07/22Exhibition Information
Japan Probe presented “soft & flexible transducers” and “new technology” of welded bead inspection through air at the 2022 Japan International Welding Show
2022/06/06New products
We exhibited the Non-Contact Air Coupled Ultrasonic Testing system "NAUT21-S" and soft and flexible Ultrasonic transducers at Automotive Engineering Exposition 2022 Yokohama.
A paper was published in "Diagnostics" magazine.
A paper was published in the February 2022 issue of Non-Destructive Inspection magazine.
2022/01/19New products
Developed and launched Ultrasonic multi-channel Pulser & Receiver which provides high frequency and high voltage with burst waves.
2021/03/22New products
Developed and Launched the Air Coupled Ultrasonic Testing System「NAUT21-S」onto the market.
JAPAN PROBE presented at Technical Committee on Ultrasonics
2020/12/01New products
Added new lineup to the flexible probe/transducer "TAKOTAN" series
2020/01/23New products
Released "Improved version of soft probe/transducer JUTAN"
JAPAN PROBE renovated General Catalog Ver.13.
Obtained registration certificate of "Medical Device Manufacturing".
2017/02/01New products
The World's First 3-Flexible Matrix Array Probe,「TAKOTAN」Development fitting flexibly to 3-dimensional Object