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Japan Probe presented “Non-Contact Air Coupled Ultrasonic Testing system NAUT21-S and soft & flexible Ultrasonic transducers at “Automotive Engineering Exposition 2023 YOKOHAMA”.2023/06/05

Japan Probe exhibited and demonstrated the following products at Automotive Engineering Exposition 2022 Yokohama located in PACIFICO Yokohama from 24th to 26th of May, 2023.

・Non-contact Air coupled Ultrasonic Testing System “NAUT21-S” Single-side model
・Non-contact Air coupled Ultrasonic Testing System “NAUT21-I” Combination model of Air Coupled and Immersion model
・High power Ultrasonic Pulser & Receiver “JPR series
・Ultrasonic Transducers “Tan series”
 ・Ultrasonic Soft Transducer “JUTAN
 ・Ultrasonic Flexible Transducer “TAKOTAN
 ・Ultrasonic Flexible Linear Array Transducer “KYOKUTAN

At this exhibition, as non-contact ultrasonic inspections, NAUT21-S was used for automatic NG/OK determination inspection of steel plate weld bead (refer to the pictures below), and NAUT21-I was used for electrolyte impregnation inspection of lithium-ion batteries.
In addition, the "Tan Series", JUTAN and TAKOTAN with a soft or flexible flaw detection surface, which are one of our strengths, were connected not only to the flaw detector but also to a thickness gauge to measure the thickness of curved parts such as pipes.

Through the exhibition, we were glad to share information with many visitors such as automobile, parts, metal, chemical fields and so on. We would like to thank everyone who visited us.

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