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Linear Array type "KYOKUTAN"

Flexible fitting to any curved surface!Bending!Broadband & High sensitive!
Ultrasonic array probe / transducer "KYOKUTAN" is available for inspection and measurement to any shape specimen.
It is possible to inspect and measure to any curvature being difficult inspection such as curved/gap/uneven part.

Broadband Flexible Array Probe "KYOKUTAN" is the achieving ultrasonic broadband frequency range and high sensitive inspection.
As the result, it is available for inspection to subsurface defect, adjacent defect and high ultrasonic attenuated material such as carbon reinforced plastic fiber (CFRP), glass, reinforced plastic fiber (GFRP), aluminum die casting, welded part.

■Application Field
・Aerospace ・Automobile ・Consumer electronics ・Plant  ・Road, Bridge ・Medical field, etc.

・Composite materials (CFRP, GFRP, etc.)  ・Metal  ・Resin, etc.

■Standard Specifications (Customizable)
・Element arrangement:Linear / 64 elements
・Operating Temperature:Room temperature
・Connector:IPEX, Hypertronics, TYCO, and ITT Canon can be provided according to the phased array device.
・Cable:Multi-core coaxial cable (16〜128 CH)

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