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NAUT21 (air coupled ultrasonic system)
Non-Contact Air Coupled Ultrasonic Inspection System NAUT21 enables inspection and measurement in the air without touching the object. No couplant required.

NAUT21-M (High speed model)


This is the high speed inspection and measurement model for in-line inspection by non contact air coupled ultrasonic testing.



NAUT21-I (Air and immersion)


It is possible to inspect and measure by both the air coupled ultrasonic inspection method and the immersion ultrasonic inspection method.



NAUT21-V (Vertical model)


This is the vertical model of NAUT21.
Ultrasonic air probe scans vertically against the object.



NAUT21-R (Rotating type model)


This is the rotating type model of NAUT21.
Object that shapes like pipes and cylinders are rotated and scanned by ultrasonic air transducer.



NAUT21 (Standard model)


This is the standard model of NAUT21 (Non contact Air coupled Ultrasonic Testing).
Ultrasonic air transducer scans horizontally against the object.



Inline use case


This is an example of a system in which transducers are scanned reciprocating on one axis.
It is possible to perform inline inspection and measurement by installing this system on continuous feed automated production lines for webs, resin board materials, sheets, films, etc.