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Ultrasonic Array Transducer

We produce 1-3 composite elements with high sensitivity characteristics, and transducers are also suitable for various kinds of experiments and research purposes.

Utilizing our outstanding technical capabilities and experiences backed by our customers and numerous achievements, we manufacture customized array transducers swiftly.

■Element Model & Waveform
・Element type:1-3 Composite element
・Waveform:Broadband, small variation in terms of sensitivity
・Detection:All waveform data

・Element numbers :8~1024 (Specialty Item)

■High Temperature Applications
・ High temperature design for 120℃
※ Wedge material too

・ Advanced micro soldering by skilled workers

※ Besides, we also carry special connectors.

・Multicore coaxial cable:16~128Ch
・Track No:#30, #36, #40
※ Besides, we also carry radiation Tolerant & Robot Cable.

■Array Transducer Accessories
■Conversion & Extension Cable
・Connector & Receptible : HYPERTRONICS / TYCO / IPEX / ITT Canon
・Cable : Multicore coaxial cable (~128CH)

■Wedge for Array
・Materials : Polystyrene / Acryl / SX materials (for high temperature)
Polyetherimides, etc.

※We offer customized products based on customer’s needs, please contact us.

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