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Ultrasonic inspection/measurement solution

In order to realize inspection/measuring/evaluation that meets the material property and environment, Japan Probe always gazes at market trends, and develop and research the most advanced technology with the advanced company and research organization.
We do the consignment test and study service that is based on the our ability of research and development.

We provide you the solution of ultrasonic inspection and measurement by various technology and method for confirming the material property, condition, defects and foreign substances in material.

We respond to your various demands with broad band/high sensitivity ultrasonic probes, ultrasonic propagation simulation, Non contact Air coupled Ultrasonic Testing (NAUT) and various analysis method.

■Consignment test & study service
・Consignment test & study about ultrasonic inspection/measuring and non destructive inspection
・The traceability work of ultrasonic probe and ultrasonic sensor
・Measurement of material property (sound velocity, elastic modulus and so on)

■Please contact us from here for consignment test and study.
 Tell us the purpose of test and study, the object of inspection material when you contact us.