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2023/03/31News release
A poster was exhibited at the 2023 Spring Conference of the Acoustical Society of Japan.
2023/02/02News release
Presented a paper at Non-destructive Evaluation Symposium of Ultrasound.
2023/01/16News release
Developed and launched a Ultrasonic New Pulser & Receiver “JPR-50SD”.
2022/11/01News release
Presented a paper at the 2022 Autumn Special Lecture of JSNDI (The Japanese Society for Non-Destructive Inspection)
The Photoacoustic imaging system equipped with our hemispherical detector array transducer was approved as a medical device
2022/07/22News release
Japan Probe presented “soft & flexible transducers” and “new technology” of welded bead inspection through air at the 2022 Japan International Welding Show
2022/06/06News release
We exhibited the Non-Contact Air Coupled Ultrasonic Testing system "NAUT21-S" and soft and flexible Ultrasonic transducers at Automotive Engineering Exposition 2022 Yokohama.
An article of a party to celebrate the decoration of our company’s CEO, Yukio Ogura, was published in the May 5th issue of
2022/02/25News release
A paper was published in "Diagnostics" magazine.
Received the ‘Excellent Industrial Person Award’ from the Yokohama Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
2022/02/10News release
A paper was published in the February 2022 issue of Non-Destructive Inspection magazine.
2022/01/19News release
Developed and launched Ultrasonic multi-channel Pulser & Receiver which provides high frequency and high voltage with burst waves.
The first cargo of the new year was shipped on Jan. 5th, 2022.
A conferment ceremony was held to convey the award of the Order of the Rising Sun, Silver Rays.
Japan Probe announces ‘Distribution partnership’ in India.
The total shipment of Ultrasonic Array Probes/Transducers reached 3,000 units.
An article about "NAUT21-S" was published in the June 7 issue of the "Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun".
2021/03/22News release
Developed and Launched the Air Coupled Ultrasonic Testing System「NAUT21-S」onto the market.
2021/02/03News release
JAPAN PROBE presented at Technical Committee on Ultrasonics
Our President made a courtesy call on Chairman of KANDT, Son Tae Soon