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2022/10/26Technical information
The Photoacoustic imaging system equipped with our hemispherical detector array transducer was approved as a medical device
2022/05/17Awards information
An article of a party to celebrate the decoration of our company’s CEO, Yukio Ogura, was published in the May 5th issue of
2022/02/18Awards information
Received the ‘Excellent Industrial Person Award’ from the Yokohama Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
2022/01/05Company Information
The first cargo of the new year was shipped on Jan. 5th, 2022.
2021/12/28Awards information
A conferment ceremony was held to convey the award of the Order of the Rising Sun, Silver Rays.
2021/09/01Company Information
Japan Probe announces ‘Distribution partnership’ in India.
2021/07/16Technical information
The total shipment of Ultrasonic Array Probes/Transducers reached 3,000 units.
2021/06/08Company Information
An article about "NAUT21-S" was published in the June 7 issue of the "Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun".
2021/01/27Company Information
Our President made a courtesy call on Chairman of KANDT, Son Tae Soon
2021/01/27Awards information
Exchanged opinions and information with President of PNS Corporation, Park Bong Soo.
2021/01/05Company Information
The first cargo of the new year was shipped on Jan. 5th
2020/07/13Company Information
An interview with Ogura, our president, was published in “KIGYO SHINDAN News”.
2020/04/28Company Information
Our president Ogura stated his thought in the newspaper on April 27th issue.
2019/06/03Technical information
Completion of JAPAN PROBE Innovation Center next to our HQ office
2018/06/08Awards information
Our president, Yukio Ogura, has been nominated as an honorary member of the Japan Nondestructive Inspection Association.
2018/05/21Awards information
Award Report : JAPAN PROBE was awarded,「The 26th Technical Development Award」
2017/09/11Awards information
Award Report : JAPAN PROBE was awarded,「Excellence Award of Manufacturing Field 」in The 8th KANAGAWA「Industrial Navi Grand Prix」
Ultrasonic Sensor Development Success Realized the Photoacoustic Real Time 3D Imaging
2016/05/10Technical information
JAPAN PROBE was introduced in「KANAGAWA Business Up To Date」of Television KANAGAWA.
2016/02/03Awards information
Award Report : The 2016 Kanagawa Excellent Factory Award