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Development of new technologies like a wind power and solar light is progressed by diversification of environment and energy. We introduce the various examples of inspection/measurement/evaluation.

Lithium ion battery (air/immersion inspection)


We introduce the cases of air propagation ultrasonic inspection and immersion ultrasonic inspection of inside of a lithium ion battery with NAUT21-I.



Lithium ion battery


We introduce the inside inspection of laminate type and can type of lithium ion battery without touching.



Solar panel battery (electrode, inside)


This is the example of inside defect in panel and gluing condition of electrode, these factors affect solar power generation and degradation over time.



Wind mill generator brade (GFRP)


We introduce the application of the lightning examination and tension test for the CFPR brade of wind mill generator by non contact air coupled ultrasonic testing system "NAUT21".